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Lexapro can be taken as soon as or two times a day with some food or without - it's essential that you follow all the recommendations of your medical carrier and note the dosage suggested.

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Suicidal thoughts are often stated by clients who simply started using this medication, and this side effect is much more typically stated in people younger than 24. To see to it your therapy is going equally as intended, you will certainly need to speak with your health and wellness care service provider about any sort of health disorders you have that might influence the dosage you are prescribed. You will certainly need to see to it to find emergency situation support if you think you could have taken also considerably of this medication, as the signs discussed could have to be helped with. Lexapro is an effective prescription antidepressant that concerns selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and works by boosting serotonin provide to the brain with minimum effect on the other chemicals.